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Dog Creche

There is a dog creche available during the event, located near the Hensington and Bladon Arenas. This facility is kindly supported by Autarky and is run by Dogs for Good

A charge of £3 per hour will be charged while your dog is in the crèche. We will ask you to pay upon collection of your dog, and part hours will be charged accordingly.
How it works
  • The dog crèche will be open from 8am to 5:30pm each day.
  • Please provide your own collar and benching chain, as well as a water bowl and water, if needed.
  • You will be asked to put your dog into its allocated crate.
  • Each owner will need to complete a details form for each dog, giving basic dog information and contact details in case we need to get hold of you. You will then be issued with a ticket, which you will need to bring back when you collect your dog.
  • A Dogs for Good volunteer will then complete a ‘Summary sheet’.
  • There should be no need for the Dogs for Good volunteers to handle or move the dogs once benched and if they think they are distressed then the owner should be notified via the contact details left. So please ensure that the contact number you provide will work while you’re at the event.
  • Please ensure that you collect your dog no later than 5:00pm so that the crèche can be closed on time.