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Shopping Village A-Z 2017

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  • Pure wool bedding manufactured in the UK using 100% British wool.  Pillows, duvets, toppers and mattresses

  • Banvard & James is a quintessentially British luxury mens’ accessory and gift brand. Combining the sartorial heritage of the founders’ English roots with the glamour and vibrancy of the British design scene, they are very proud of their collection of classic accessories for men, exuding style and sophistication. They only sell their own brand products, which they design all of in house

  • Bareback Equestrian country and performance footwear with Lazy Jacks casual clothing for men, women and children

  • High quality gem set jewellery (some of an equestrian theme) loose gems, pearls, loose mounts to choose your own combination.  Most aspects of the jewellery trade

  • Luxury ladies country clothing and all things tweed

  • Bitless products and our training programme will be on offer. Also doing a display of bitless riding each day.

  • Gifts and souvenirs

  • One of Europe's leading 3.5t horsebox manufacturers - VCA approved, Renault Trucks approved, crash tested and approved by FTA

  • Natural herbal creams, washes and sprays for animal and human use

  • Brass nameplates engraved while you wait plus top quality English leather headcollars and dog collars

  • The BHS is the UK's largest equestrian charity - dedicated to knowledge, encouraging people and horses to enjoy life together

  • They will be selling Bundle Beds and Bundle Beds merchandise (duffle bags, mugs) from their stand.
    For many years the only solution for sleepovers, camping and adventures was to take a mass of bulky or uncomfortable sleeping equipment which collectively never really managed to deliver a great night's sleep. This company decided to change that...
    Bundle Beds are the future of  sleeping over, sleeping out, camping and adventures. Their mission is to deliver the best sleepover. If there is no conventional bed available - the first choice option is a Bundle Bed