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Information for Exhibitors


  • Blenheim is one of the biggest events in the UK's sporting calendar and is the leading three star three day event in the world
  • Attracting an annual crowd of over 70,000 with an upmarket audience profile
    • 80% ABC1, 60:40 female/male split
    • main age profile 30 -55 years
    • the highest AB profile of any sport
  • Featuring the world’s top riders including Olympic, World and European medalists 
  • A high profile marketing and press campaign targets visitors from around the UK and abroad
  • Where ‘town meets country’, eventing’s roots are in the rural community but now its supporters are drawn from the major towns and cities as well
  • Blenheim enjoys a reputation for top-class shopping
  • Exhibition space is very competitively priced and new applicants are accepted on merit
  • We have over 35,000 followers across our active social media platforms, which are ideal stations for promotions and competitions